Urinary incontinence after urination and bladder weakness disappear in a week

Our topic today is urine drops. Leaks after urination Lack of ability to control urination, its causes and its easy treatment will tell you today. This problem is found in both men and women. Most women and men complain about it. They suspect that their clothes are becoming unclean and there is no ablution. They cannot worship properly. First of all, I would like to talk to you about the exact reasons why you should find out the reason why you get drops.


The first cause is bladder weakness. If you urinate more than eight to ten times a day, then you have bladder weakness. This is a sign of bladder weakness. It also causes drops to fall out of control. The third problem is that using too many sugary foods and too many soda water things can cause dropsy in women during pregnancy or even after childbirth. There is an important reason. Involuntary urinary incontinence Get a urine test to diagnose urinary incontinence.

Or you can have an ultrasound to find out what your problem is. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Weakness of bladder and urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence is very easy and home prescription is to take fifty grains of Klonji in which you have to take twenty grams of it. I have to use it twice and half an hour after a meal with a cup of water you can use it for ten or fifteen days. There will be a valuable insanity that these affected people can use.

And can get rid of every disease. As we all know it is very worrying to have drops after urination as well as drops before and after urination because it is all due to weakness of bladder. This prescription will also strengthen the bladder and at the same time all these problems will be eliminated.