To be free from hand

I live in a foreign country and have been suffering from the disease of masturbation for a long time which is a very big sin and dirty deed.

This is a very disgusting act. There is a strong warning in the hadeeth about it. Physical health also deteriorates because of it. You should work hard. If you are married, try to keep your wife with you. Stay busy, don’t be empty, stay away from prostitution and mahrams, especially protect your eyes well, sometimes even fast.

And Allah knows best

دارالافتاء ،
Darul Uloom Deoband

Caliph Harun al-Rashid was the fifth caliph of the Abbasi dynasty. The Abbasids ruled the Islamic world for a long time, but only Harun al-Rashid was famous Once upon a time there was a great famine in the time of Haroon Al-Rashid. The effects of the famine began to be felt from Samarkand to Baghdad and from Kufa to Morocco. Harun al-Rashid tried all measures to deal with the famine. He set up anchorages and mobilized all the princes and merchants to help the victims but in spite of this the condition of the people did not improve. One night Haroon Al-Rasheed was in severe tension. He could not sleep. In this world of tension he summoned his Prime Minister Yahya bin Khalid. Yahya bin Khalid was also the teacher of Haroon Al-Rasheed. Was

Haroon Al-Rasheed said to Yahya Khalid, “Dear teacher, tell me a story, a story that will make me believe.” Yahya bin Khalid smiled and said, “Peace be upon you, O king. This is the greatest and most glorious interpretation of destiny and the pleasure of Allah. If you allow me, I will repeat the story in front of you. My soul is stuck in my throat “Yahya Khalid asked” A monkey was going for a journey in a forest “She had a baby” She could not take the baby with her so she went to the lion and asked him “Sir, you are the king of the jungle. I am going on a journey. I want you to take care of my child.” The lion became supportive. Sitting on the shoulder, the monkey went on a journey. Now the lion would carry the baby monkey on his shoulder every day and would go about his daily work in the forest. One day he was wandering in the forest when suddenly an eagle dyed from the sky, approached the lion, picked up the baby monkey and got lost in the sky. He breathed his last and asked Caliph Harun al-Rashid, “King Salamat returned to Bandaria a few days later and demanded his baby from the lion.”

The lion replied shyly, “Your child has been taken away by the eagle.” The lion nodded sadly and said, “I am the king of the earth. If a calamity befell your child from the earth, I would have stopped it. ۔ After narrating this story, Yahya bin Khalid asked Haroon Al-Rasheed: “Even if this calamity of famine had come from the earth, you would have stopped it. This is the torment of heaven. Only Allah Almighty can stop it. Don’t become a king, don’t become poor, this calamity will stop. ”There are two kinds of calamities in the world, heavenly calamities and earthly calamities. It is necessary for the child to be pleased with Allah Almighty from the heavenly calamity, while to be saved from the earthly calamity requires unity of human beings, full utilization of resources and sincerity of the rulers. Yahya bin Khalid had said to Haroon Al-Rashid

“Peace be upon you, King. The heavenly calamities do not end until man pleases his Lord. You will not be able to cope with this calamity by becoming a king, so you will become poor.” Fall before Allah, repent to Him, seek help from Him. There is only as much distance between all the problems of the world and their solution as there is between the forehead and the place of prayer. Can not do it . May Allah grant us all understanding