Ten Tips To Become A Successful Husband

A woman desires many things in her married life. Here are some women’s opinions about successful married life, such as husband, children, one house and their government over that house.

An elderly woman who is the mother of three children and has been married for fifty years says:

When I grew up, my parents were worried about my marriage. At that time I thought that after marriage my freedom would be taken away and days of laughing and smiling would become dreams but after marriage I realized that my thinking was wrong. The peace and contentment of married life is not in virginity! Marriage brings happiness to a woman and, above all, the privilege of being a mother protects her. ”

He says that after marriage, life has come to a standstill. The joy of seeing a loving husband, dear children, love in the eyes of the husband and laughter on the lips of the children is beyond description and I have the greatest achievement of marriage.

She was silent for a while and then she said, Goes He is also happy to get married.

Marriage is not based on love alone. Successful marriage

Tolerate each other and understand their many habits is essential for living.

A woman who has been married for 35 years. She claims that her relationship with her husband is much deeper and stronger today than it was 35 years ago

Today we are both very close to each other and have understood each other. Life is much easier for us now than ever before. Each passing day is deepening and strengthening our love and relationship. In the early days of marriage, I could not have imagined that life would become so beautiful with the passage of time. Most couples who marry according to family preferences are completely strangers to each other till marriage, but as time goes by after marriage, their love grows. On the contrary, spending time in a love marriage

At the same time, the romance diminishes. The intensity of the emotional connection and attachment between the spouses is also less noticeable. As a result, either one or both of them begin to feel frustrated. As the responsibilities increase after marriage, the husband’s focus is on increasing the income. This does not mean that he has lost his love for his wife, but some women have failed to understand this. Ashomer loves his wife as much as he was in the process of getting married but due to his busy schedule he does not have time to express his intense love.

Who will explain to his wife? True love between husband and wife is born when they accept each other with all their strengths and weaknesses. Of the ideal

Search sometimes destroys the peace of life.

One woman said, “I always find faults in my husband, always comparing him to my well-rounded and successful brothers, but one day my niece told me that you are not the wife my brother wanted.” I was very surprised to hear this because not only I was dissatisfied with my husband but also my husband was dissatisfied with me.

He wanted a gentle and tolerant wife while I was kind. He wanted his wife to know how to cook very well while I was empty in it, I couldn’t cook any food without burning it, even if it was dal rice. My husband liked skinny and Muslim girls while I was 5 feet 2a and weighed 70 kilograms. ”

Then why did he marry me. ? The woman asked her sleep.

Nand said, “The family liked you, so my brother had to say yes.”

After the marriage, the woman’s husband showed his love and affection. He also did not find fault with his wife even though she was not his ideal wife. “Now that we are married and I have to live together, we must accept each other as we are,” said her husband. Why should I pressure my wife to change her habits, temperament and nature for me?

After a few years of heartlessness, the couple now recognizes the true meaning of marriage and now they are living a quiet life without any bitterness or disagreement by compromising with each other.

In general, women want their husbands to be free from all faults, just as every man wants his wife to have every virtue. Many wives impose their will on their husbands and many husbands impose their will on their wives which is wrong. For example, if the husband likes shalwar kameez then the wife should not try to force him to wear pants. If she is fond of TV, then her husband should not force her to read books of his choice.

Shazoo in real life paired with the romance seen in movies and fiction

They are rare because romance is not the only thing that matters. The true meaning of marriage is that husband and wife should face the challenges of life together, fulfilling responsibilities together.