A father’s will to his son

Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (may Allah be pleased with him) advised his son on the night of marriage. Every married man should read them carefully and put them into practice in his life. You can’t have peace of mind at home unless you adopt these ten habits in your wife’s case, so listen to them carefully and plan to act. Keep expressing love to your wife from time to time

Make her feel loved and tell her in clear words how important and beloved she is to you (don’t think she will understand ‘Relationships always need to be expressed) Remember if If you use stinginess in this expression then there will be a bitter rift between the two of you which will continue to grow with time and will end the love. She also knows how to take advantage of the gentleness of a gentle man, so use moderation in both these attributes so that there is balance in the house and you both get peace of mind. Four women expect the same from their husband.

The husband who keeps his wife, ie respect, loving words, outward beauty, clean clothes and fragrant body, so always take care of her. She sits on the throne of the kingdom, never interferes in her kingdom and does not try to snatch her throne. She wants to love her husband but remember that she has her own parents, siblings and other family members with whom she cannot be indifferent nor is such an expectation from her permissible so there is never any competition between her and her family Don’t let it happen because even if she is forced to leave her family for you, she will still be restless and this restlessness will eventually take her away from you. It’s beautiful too. It’s not a flaw at all. It looks as good as the eyebrows. Enjoy this beauty of hers, if you ever find it offensive, do not try to straighten it out with harshness and bitterness, otherwise it will break.

And her breakup will eventually lead to divorce, but at the same time, do not do it in such a way that you keep on believing her every wrong and wrong thing, otherwise she will become arrogant, which is detrimental to her own self. It is in the nature of most women to be ungrateful and ungrateful to their husbands. Don’t worry too much about it and don’t fall in love with it because of it. This is a small flaw. Loving and paying for rights ‘No’ Every woman has some days of physical weakness. In those days Allah has also given him exemption in worship, forgave his prayers and allowed him to fast.

Delay is allowed until he recovers. Just be kind to him in those days as Allah has been kind to him as Allah has removed worship from him. Even in these days, considering his weakness, reduce his responsibilities, help him in his work and make it easier for him. At the end of the day, just remember that your wife has a prisoner about whom Allah will ask you. Just deal with it with the utmost kindness