Why are children undergoing surgery nowadays?

Today we will tell you about coffee made from the root of a special herb which will cure your nervous weakness, male weakness, kidney stones and the drinker will never feel old. Coffee is commonly found in every country. It is used not only for various ailments but also for beauty and attractiveness of the body. Malaysia and Indonesia are rich in herbs all over the world. Is known as

Where traditional herbal coffee has been practiced for centuries. Similarly, a very popular coffee is made in Malaysia which we call Tonkat Ali’s coffee and it is in great demand all over the world. In Malay language it is called Tonkat Ali and in Arabic it is called Akaza Ali. You can call it by any one of these two names from any grocery store. It is found all over the world in powder form, sometimes in capsules and sometimes in T-pack. The roots of this herb called Tonkat Ali are boiled in hot water and drunk. Here’s how to make it. Put a cup and a half of water in a clean pot and put it on the stove. do

At the same time, turn off the fire completely. Leave it in this state for two minutes. After two minutes, take off the lid and use it and use it daily for one month. It is said that a person who drinks his coffee never grows old. It is also used to increase male potency. It is very useful in nerve weakness. People who have kidney stones are given this coffee. Tonkat Ali drinkers never have diabetes and it is a very useful prescription for malaria. Normalizes blood circulation. Women in Malaysia and Indonesia also use this coffee to increase the growth of hormones. The point is that the use of this coffee should be common in our country. Bathing Tips Bathing with warm water loosens and weakens the nerves.

It opens the pores of the body, so it is harmful to the skin and hair, bathing with cold water makes it difficult and is very good for the skin and hair, but it hurts the brain membrane and internal organs. Therefore, lukewarm water, which tends to cool down a bit, is better for bathing. In addition to avoiding debilitating issues, use morning broth, meat broth or curry some day in a week, chicken broth and daily admiration. If you do not have almonds, pistachios, walnuts and diabetes, use Manqi. If you have diabetes, use cashews instead of Manqi