What happens when you drink hot milk mixed with a pinch of ground cardamom and turmeric?

Green cardamom is commonly used in homes in Asian countries including Pakistan and India. It is mostly grown in India and Sri Lanka. It is fragrant and makes our food more palatable and tasty. In ancient times the Egyptians used to chew it to get rid of bad breath.

Even today it is used to get rid of bad breath. It also has a place in medicine and it is used in medicine for various diseases.

The oil extracted from its seeds is also very useful. It is also used in our food whether it is sweet or salty. Due to its unique aroma, women use it in all their meals. It is also physically beneficial and has a good effect on our health

The effects of its use are also good on our mind. It helps in eliminating bad breath and bad breath. It cures digestive disorders. It cures stomach ailments. Its use is useful in indigestion. Its use in wind is beneficial.

Relieves nausea. Prevents vomiting. Useful in belching and heartburn. Its use calms our nerves. It is diuretic. It is used with milk. In case of sore throat, it can be used in tea and it helps in dissolving fat.

Adding a few drops of its oil in water and taking a bath relieves fatigue. Its use does not cause mental confusion. It is also useful in respiratory diseases. Mysore State Cardamom is the best. Small cardamom has big benefits, some of which are listed.

Digestive system The use of a mixture of fennel and cardamom after eating is extremely helpful in digesting food. It is beneficial in obesity and stomach growth. It strengthens the stomach. It eliminates acidity. Controlling the amount prevents flatulence. Drinking cardamom in green tea for indigestion and headaches is beneficial.

It strengthens the stomach membrane so it is an elixir for acidity. Chewing it also increases saliva in the mouth which is of vital importance in digestion of food. Turmeric and cardamom powder Using it creates a lot of strength and energy in the body, increases strength, strengthens the skin, increases immunity.