What Causes White Marks On Nails

Leukonychia is where white lines or specks show up on your finger or toenails. This is an extremely regular issue and entirely harmless. Numerous sound grown-ups have these spots sooner or later in their lives, so creating them is likely not an indication of a genuine medicinal condition.

For a few people, the white spots may show up as little dabs dotted over the nail. For other people, the white spots might be bigger and extend over the whole nail. The spots may influence one nail or a few. The most well-known reason for leukonychia is damage to the nail bed. These wounds can happen in the event that you squeeze or strike your nail or finger. Watch the following video for details.

What Causes White Marks On Nails

Visit nail treatments and pedicures or the utilization of gel or acrylic nails can likewise harm nail beds. A few different causes might be in charge of the surprising spots on the nails.

The color of nails: Normal healthy nails are slightly pink in color due to the rich blood supply underneath them. White nails are the result of poor circulation where blood is not reaching the end of the fingers, as well as iron deficiency or kidney problems.

Increased level of cholesterol and fatty acids is responsible for the dark red color of the nails; whereas red-purple nails are the indicator of the upset digestive system caused by overconsumption of sugar, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. Deep blue nail beds signify pulmonary obstruction or emphysema