Tonsillitis Causes: Sore Throat Treatment with Home Remedy

London: TONSILLITIS is an inflammation of the tonsils, usually caused by a viral infection or less commonly, a bacterial infection. Symptoms of the condition include a sore throat and pain when swallowing, a high temperature, coughing, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and a headache.

The condition isn’t usually serious but it can be painful and uncomfortable for sufferers – and in severe cases can prevent people from eating or even breathing properly. Antibiotics are only prescribed if a bacterial infection is the cause of the illness. Nat Hawes, the author of Nature Cures, said: “Tonsillitis is a condition that tends to resolve itself without the need for medical intervention.
Tonsillitis Causes: Sore Throat Treatment

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In most cases, the tonsils will get better with self-care and home remedies and do not require any emergency treatment.”

However, she warned: “Acute recurring tonsillitis may not respond well to home remedies and may require more drastic measures such as a tonsillectomy.”
The nutritionist recommended five home remedies to ease the symptoms of tonsillitis.

Lime: The citrus fruit is one of the most popular natural remedies for tonsillitis. Mix fresh lime juice in warm water with honey and salt and sip on this combination for pain relief from swollen tonsils.

Fenugreek seeds: Boil fenugreek seeds in water for half an hour. Cool and strain and use this water to gargle with. Fenugreek has antibacterial properties that make it excellent for tonsillitis.

Milk: Boil milk and add a pinch of turmeric and powdered black pepper powder. Drink this concoction before sleeping for a minimum of three nights in a row as an effective remedy for inflamed tonsils. Goats’ milk is easier to digest for those that are lactose intolerant.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea mixed with lemon and honey is an age-old natural remedy for tonsillitis. The chamomile acts as a relaxant and reduces stress and anxiety caused by tonsillitis, along with addressing the symptoms of the condition, such as pain and soreness.

Saltwater: Salt-water gargle helps to ease throat pain and reduce swelling. Saltwater helps in cleaning out the mouth and throat and prevents the build-up of further infection on the surface of the tonsils.

Beetroot: Drink freshly juiced beetroot, carrot, and or cucumber juice daily to boost the body’s immune system and fight the infection more efficiently. Drink these juices individually or mix them together for the best results.

Herbs: Calendula, cleavers, and mullein are three powerful herbs that can stimulate and cleanse congestion and mucus from the lymph system, and relieve the symptoms of tonsillitis and other related swellings of the throat, neck, arms, and groin.

To make a tea, use two parts calendula, two parts cleavers, and one part mullein. Place the herbs in a small saucepan and cover with cold water. Heat slowly and simmer, covered, for 20 to 45 minutes. The longer the herbs are simmered, the stronger the tea will be. Drink two to three cups a day.