The best ways to beat travel sickness revealed

London: There are a lot of things that can ruin a long-awaited holiday, but few are as crippling as travel sickness. Research has found that one in three people is beset by nausea, dizziness or vomiting when they travel by car, plane or boat. While there is no sure cure to prevent it, there are a number of ways travellers can ease their symptoms so it doesn’t spoil their time away from home.

For some, it helps to hydrate or eat a light meal without fatty or greasy foods before travelling. While travelling by car, passengers should keep their eyes on the horizon and pay attention to distant objects and likely upcoming turns.

The best ways to beat travel sickness revealed

The best ways to beat travel sickness revealed

Beat Travel Sickness On Land, Water, Vehicle and Air

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If motion sickness symptoms crop up while travelling by plane, the infographic suggests passengers stand up and walk around to get their blood flowing. Seasickness is one of the biggest fears for cruise ship passengers, especially those who are at sea for the first time.

Those who are feeling ill on board should keep their focus on the horizon until they get their sea legs, have a nap or sip on a fizzy drink to settle their stomach. After the journey, travellers may find that soothing music or some quiet time alone will help.

An infographic produced by Devin, an online scuba diving magazine, offers 21 tips and tricks that can help passengers who feel queasy when they travel