Running Away From Home And Getting Married, Secret Marriage

it’s called eloping. This means you’re getting married suddenly’secretively.

Reasons for running away to get married include being prevented to get married because of age, skin color, or parental non-consent. Eloping also entails running away to a state where blood tests are not required.

One reason that couples cite for their desire to elope is to be wed in private minus the hoopla of an extravagant wedding. When they realize that people other than themselves are calling the shots for their future wedding, they decide to escape to save their own skins.

Planning to run away to get married is like planning to get married the usual way, except that this time you’re doing it ‘Incognito’. If you decide eloping is the best solution then some planning is called for. We generally don’t recommend it because it’s always good to share something special with at least a few friends and family.

The first step is to clearly establish that running away to get married is a mutual decision, and that no one is forcing it on the other. We can’t emphasise this enough. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your current better half is itching to get married secretly because of a wish to escape from a previous marriage or a criminal conviction.

The decision to elope is not done on a whim. it’s not like saying, ‘hey, let’s drive 1000 miles today and see where that will take us.’” This is a temporary adventure a fling but eloping is an event you’ll have to live with the rest of your life. If you don’t know your better half well enough background ambitions schooling and career credit history eloping can be a very messy undertaking.

Second, eloping does not mean you have to exclude your special friends. You can still elope with only a handful of people you choose and have a simple ceremony in city hall. In some parts of the US and Canada, eloping to get married is possible only if you can produce a marriage license and two witnesses.

The third step is to fix your budget and then pick a place to get married. Find out if the state or province you want to get married in requires blood tests or a waiting period. As you know, blood tests are required in a few areas to make sure that one of you is not suffering from a venereal disease. The county clerk will inform you if these are required.

You will need an officiate. The officiate should be able to issue the marriage license as well.

Talk has it that Las Vegas is a popular destination for eloping couples. So is Arizona. Some couples have even eloped to Europe. Be careful though about being wed on foreign soil. The marriage licence, if obtained in another country, may not be recognized or accepted by your own country. Check this little detail out

Running away from home and getting married, secret marriage