Pain in the throat or in the head or back pain

Sore throat and headache are common symptoms of several conditions. Along with sore throat and headache, you may have fever or fatigue. These signs may indicate an infection. Sore throat and headache usually go away on their own after about a week. But talk to your provider if you have signs of strep throat or meningitis, which need treatment.

What is a headache with a sore throat?
Most people get headaches many times during their lives. A headache causes pain in your head or face. The pain may be throbbing, sharp or dull.

Pain in the throat or in the head or back pain

A sore throat (pharyngitis) is pain or irritation in your throat. It might feel scratchy, painful or dry. It often hurts more when you swallow.

Sometimes, you have both a headache and sore throat. Most often, an infection causes those symptoms to happen together.

What if I also have a fever with a headache and sore throat?
If you have a sore throat, headache and a fever, then you probably have an infection. A fever is your body’s way of fighting infection.

The combination of fever, sore throat and headache could be due to:

Influenza (the flu).
Mononucleosis (mono).
Strep throat.
How common are symptoms like headache and sore throat?
Sore throat and headaches are common symptoms. Almost everyone will experience these symptoms at least once in their life