Kalonji, celery and fenugreek seeds

Nigella seeds are one of the oldest spices known to be used, yet they aren’t so popular nowadays. These are tiny black seeds with a slightly bitter taste that can remind us of onions. They can also be called black onion seed, black cumin, or Kalo jeera.

You can put nigella seeds into curries and many other Indian-style dishes. However, the most common way to use nigella seeds is to sprinkle them on top of Middle Eastern flatbread called naan bread. They also give a nice flavor and piquancy to vegetables, french fries, salads, and savory scones.

Another reason it is worth keeping some nigella seeds in your pantry is that they have so many health benefits. They lower cholesterol protect the liver and help in blood sugar regulation. Also, it is very easy to add to all diets and routines.

As nigella seeds have such a unique flavor you might think there is nothing you can use to replace them. But the truth is there are many alternatives to use instead of nigella seeds.

You can Substitute Nigella Seed with black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, celery seeds, cumin seeds, cumin powder, oregano, onion, caraway seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, and poppy seeds.

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Kalonji, celery and fenugreek seeds