Hazrat Halima Sadia Used to Send the Goats to Graze

With the tawfiq of Allah we have discussed the lineage of the Prophet ﷺ, his family, the planning by Allah سبحانه و تعالیfor his arrival, conditions of the Arabs, the birth of Rasool Allahﷺ and the origin of his name and kuniat,. Now we will discuss about the foster mothers and the early childhood of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

It was an Arab custom to send their newborn children to villages away from their homes. The villages had a fresh environment and a rich language so the Arabs would hand over their children in the care of foster mothers who would breastfeed the baby and look after him till the breastfeeding period of two years was over. The time spent in the village would result in the child becoming healthier and it enriched in his language.

A point worth pondering on is that a child breastfeeds till two years, and at that time neither can he speak properly nor is he intelligent enough to understand what we say, however even at that early age what he hears and experiences around him has an impact on his language.

The listening activity of a child starts from the day he is born and the things entering his ears definitely has an effect on him. Hence we should not think that since our child cannot understand what we’re saying, we can use any language we want.

According to researches, even during pregnancy the actions and the words of the mother have an impact on her child. Pregnant women who spend a lot time on screens, watching TV or movies or mothers who often stay frustrated and anxious, the bad effect of their actions, feelings and conversation are transferred into their child