Disadvantages of leaving the “toilet” bathroom door open

During the renovation, homeowners often forget to take proper care of the bathroom and toilet area doors. However, they play a significant role in keeping the hygiene area well-insulated and practical.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to make the best choice possible to fit your home interior. Generally, most toilet doors focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, but there are some exceptions. To assist you, here’s a more detailed look into the bathroom and toilet door types.
Panel doors

First and foremost, panel doors are the most widespread type of interior doors. But the square and rectangular patterns they feature are not necessarily common because of their functionality. Their popularity roots in their simplicity and versatility. What’s more, the variety of designs and finishes can blend in any bathroom décor.
Sliding Doors

Perhaps, the main advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t swing but rather slide. Even though they are not as popular as conventional panel doors, they are a preferable option for rooms where space is scarce. You’d love the temperate uniqueness of the sliding door. Besides, you’ll get rid of the doorknobs in your home

Disadvantages of leaving the "toilet" bathroom door open