Debt relief

Debt Consolidation Loans – Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan, Even With Poor Credit People take money in the form of loans or in the form of business; they do not repay the money when it comes time to repay. Some are compelled to have nothing to repay the loan and some have bad intentions. In that case, the fight turns into a fight.

In that case do this process. Inshallah the loan will be received soon. Doing so will create such unrest in the life of the wanted person that it will be difficult for him to survive in the society. And the way of being compelled to return the money after being fed up. P These verses of Mubarakah should be recited first and last Durood Sharif 3 times and then 101 times after Asr or Isha prayers.

By the way, this process is 21 days. But seeing the need can be done up to 41 days. After the deed, pray to Allah (swt) and follow this method under strict compulsion (after reciting the deed, the red chillies should be dried on the dry and they should be burnt. They will take 11 red chillies. K) Money with illegitimate profit if it is to be withdrawn or the amount given on profit is to be withdrawn.

So take the original and forgive the profit. There is no blessing in it. Frequently answer the following supplication: Because with the blessings of Quranic Istighfar, Allah, the Lord of Glory, increases wealth, and while walking, keep reciting “Ya Basit”, write with any ink on a piece of paper, make an amulet out of four pieces of paper and make it into two stones. Place in the middle where these rocks do not burn.

Each stone should weigh at least two pounds. In order to make the amulet effective and powerful, the name of the person along with the name of his mother from whom the loan is to be taken should be written before returning the amulet. Turn your hand over your face three times.

Then pray for a loan. The duration of the process is 90 days. Women count the days of Naga and complete it later. As we all know that not everyone repays the loan and some repay it. With the help of these benefits, the debtor will come to you to pay off your debt.