Amazing Health Benefits of Dry Dates for Bone Health and Energy

Mumbai: Dry dates are basically dates without moisture which make them look harder and shriveled; these are also used for religious purposes during festivals in Indian households. In addition, they are excellent energy boosters and a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can help you regain good health. According to Delhi-based Nutritionist Dr. Lokendra Tomar, “dry dates contain less moisture as compared to fresh dates and have a prolonged life span than dates.

Dry dates are significantly higher in calories, so if you are looking at losing weight, you should limit your intake. However, they are an excellent source of fiber and protein that help keep your body healthy. Other than that, they are a good source of calcium and vitamin C too.” They are excellent energy boosters and a powerhouse of vitamins.
Dry Dates Health Benefits

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Heart Friendly:

Dry dates are low in fat and contain negligible cholesterol; moreover, they are known to control low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in our bloodstream. Apart from this, they are low in sodium and a rich source of potassium, which makes them beneficial for keeping blood pressure in check.
Improves Digestion:

Dry dates have anti-oxidative properties that stimulate metabolism which further helps with weight loss. Other than that, they are full of soluble and insoluble fibers, which help increase the secretion of digestive juices and enhance the absorption of foods. However, it is advisable to not have more than 2-3 dry dates daily, considering they are high in calories.
Relieves Constipation:

One of the most common benefits of eating dry dates is the relief they are known to provide in cases of Constipation. The reasons leading to a constipated gut could be many, including a lack of fiber in your food. Dates are rich in dietary fiber and are considered be a natural laxative too. Part of living a healthy life is to have a happy and well-functioning gut, and this is one natural food you could include in your diet for the same.
Helps Maintain Bone Health:

Dry dates are an excellent source of calcium, which is an important element for keeping bones and teeth strong. A handful of dry dates will be a good choice to prevent calcium deficiency leading to osteoporosis and arthritis and other dental problems.
Super Energy Booster:

Dry dates are a rich source of natural sugars (glucose and fructose) which makes them a great snacking option for an instant energy boost. Toss them in your jar of dried fruits to help increase energy and stamina levels.
A Boon for your Skin:

Dry dates are a natural resource of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, which is extremely beneficial for skin cells and can further repair the damage caused by free radicals. The presence of many anti-oxidants helps in attaining youthful skin. Moreover, it nourishes your skin and improves its texture.
The solution to your Hair Woes:

Vitamin B5 present in dry dates helps in maintaining a healthy scalp, further strengthening the hair roots. Consuming them daily may help in repairing your brittle hair strands, split ends, dryness, and so on