A story of trust in God

One woman says that for some reason my husband disappeared for a long time. At that time I was the mother of a young girl while my frail father also lived with us. Our poverty and destitution was at its peak and often there was nothing to eat in our house, if we ate anything in the afternoon we would go to bed hungry at night.

With patience we used to give thanks to Allah in every situation. One night hunger and poverty tested us which we had never taken before. My daughter had a high fever. I forgot my own and my father’s hunger because of the girl’s fever and hunger. I had never seen such helplessness and helplessness. When the restlessness reached its limit, I remembered the saying of Allah,

the Blessed and Exalted, “ He prays to God and removes (his) affliction. Yes, every kind of affliction be it hunger or disease or poverty and sin, who is there except the One who can remove all these afflictions? ” When she came back, she put a bandage soaked in water on the forehead of the girl and stood up to pray before Allah. After a short prayer, he raised his hand and prayed for the girl, took off the bandage from her forehead, soaked it in water again and stood up for prayer again. Gone …

After the prayers, once again raised her hands for prayers in the Divine Court, changed the water bar at the end of the prayers and stood up for prayers again. And I did this many times. While I was repeating all this again and again, someone knocked on the door, wondering who could be this time of night. My father asked: Who? And the answer was that I am a doctor. My father and I were looking at each other in amazement as to who had called him. My father went and opened the door. As soon as the doctor came, he asked where the patient was and we simply pointed to the girl.

The doctor checked the baby, wrote a prescription on a piece of paper and held it in my hand. Bring my fee and I’ll go. I answered softly. Dr. Sahib, we do not have the money to pay you, but we have nothing. Upon hearing this answer, the doctor became angry and almost roared with rage and said that if there was no money to pay the fee, then why did you call me in the middle of the night, why have you people made me so uncomfortable? After listening to the telephone call from, I thought

that the doctor had come to our house by mistake. I answered boldly Dr. Sahib, we did not call you by telephone, but we do have a telephone. On hearing this, the doctor asked me, “Isn’t this the house of such and such a person?” I said no, Dr. Went home and we sat quietly with embarrassment and shame. It was only a short time later that the doctor came to our house once. I swear by Allah I will not leave your house till I hear your whole story. And I told the doctor the whole story of how she was putting water bandages on the girl’s forehead and praying to Allah. Returned with food and medicine for the baby and some household necessities. At the same time, he told us that we would receive a monthly salary from him as long as God wills.

Yes, this is a story of trust in God. Just as a reminder, listen to the story of even greater reliance on God Almighty when Moses (peace be upon him) reached the people of Madyan in fear of his pursuing enemies, saving his life and watering the herd of two girls standing at the well. When they grew up, they did not ask for any compensation even though they were starving at that time. According to the Qur’an, he had only said: The answer was: free marriage to a girl and a ten year work contract. “Yes: trust Allah Because Allah is more loving and merciful to us than our birth mothers