A Poor Girl is Married to a Rich House Boy

Jess worked hard all her life, she doesn’t live with her parents and her pride won’t let her go back to them so she works and works and works what ever job she can get.The richest boy in the city throughs a huge party and his mother hires her to work it, of corse she accepts. “Oh your early. You don’t have to help set up,” He says, no idea who I am. “Actually I do. Your mum hired me.

“I reply “Your the help?” “Yeah I’m the help” “I didn’t mean it like that-” “Well that’s how you said it.” After this they see each other in lots of places. Like the market.

A poor girl is married to a rich house boy

“Don’t you have servants to shop for you?” I ask “Sometimes but I knew you’d be here so I came.” He lies “How sweet.” I say sarcastically and turn my back on him.

Eventually Jess gives into his charm and cannot resist him any longer. LoveStories presents an epic love story between the poor girl and the rich boy. (Fore more detail read the intro),