Why Does a Man’s Tongue Stop When he Dies

The tongue comes out when you die because:

Gases build up from bacteria spreading throughout the body
Those gases find many paths out of the body, including the mouth
Gases also cause swelling
The tongue can swell, and it is then pushed out of the mouth

The body goes through many changes when death occurs. Some of these changes begin straightaway, while others occur hours after death. These are all natural of course – part of the process of dying.

It’s also normal for us to be curious about the process. I’ve heard lots of stories about what happens when you die; no doubt you have as well. However, it is difficult to know how much truth is in them, and what people have exaggerated or simply got wrong.

I have lost several relatives, as many people have when they get older. However, the process of death isn’t something you’re likely to know a lot about. I have seen a few parts of that process, and while it wasn’t pleasant at the time, it has given me a greater understanding of how it works.

I decided to look at the topic in more detail and to find out the truth behind some of the things I’ve heard mentioned in interviews with pathologists who perform autopsies. I also wanted to know where the factors I was familiar with tend to happen. Here’s what I found out

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