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Have you seen a pastel purple hair shade in the streets of your city? It is just one of the brand-new patterns in this period. This color of purple will be completely combined with an intense fashionable girl’s cheeky look. And also if you opt for even more transformations, additionally …

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Marital life of Fatimah

This article portrays the marital life of Fatimah and Ali. Fatimah was the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and Ali was Muhammad’s cousin. Fatimah and Ali were both significant figures in early Islam: Fatimah occupies a similar position in Islam that Mary, mother of Jesus, occupies in Christianity.Fatimah was …

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The Black Hole That Opens Up A Whole New Universe

London: The last week 0f April 2019 was a momentous one for science. More than a century after it was first theoretically articulated, a team of more than 200 scientists from around the world finally produced the first real visual evidence for a black hole – a cosmic body that …

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How to Tackle Heel Pain and Get Back on Your Feet

London: My wife is a keen walker but has not been able to walk for months due to heel pain. Her doctor and podiatrist both suggested plantar fasciitis, but it does not hurt in the typical area, and she has not responded to treatment. She is 67. Heel pain, as …

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The Wife Will Enter Heaven Before The Husband

When a believer enters Paradise, if his wife was righteous then she will be his wife in Paradise too. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “‘And (Eden) Paradise (everlasting Gardens), which they shall enter and (also) those who acted righteously from among their fathers, and their wives, and their offspring. …

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A few words for women about their husbands

Marriage is a beautiful institution. However, life becomes complex, and everyday stress can prevent you from giving your partner attention. In today’s modern times, both partners tend to get hooked up with work and life, forgetting to cherish the other person. But, in order to solidify your relationship with your …

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A woman went shopping

A woman went shopping, At cash counter she opened her purse to pay. The cashier noticed a TV remote in her purse. He cud’nt control his curiosity n asked “Do u always carry ur TV remote with u?” She replied ” No, not always, but my husband refused to accompany …

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Why such a severe punishment for

Today we will tell you about coffee made from the root of a special herb which will cure your nervous weakness, male weakness, kidney stones and the drinker will never feel old. Coffee is commonly found in every country. It is used not only for various ailments but also for …

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