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One day he saw that his

Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on him) said that a man was very close to his wife and wanted to divorce her in any case. One day he saw his wife climbing the stairs. He addressed his wife. And said: Listen! If you go up, you get divorced. If …

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5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin D in Your Life

Many of us were confined to our homes due to social isolation measures implemented during the pandemic, but with isolation came a lack of sunlight and a possible vitamin D deficiency, which now plays a significant role in our lives. While sun exposure for 15-30 minutes in the morning can …

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The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey, Story Time

Lahore: A man and his son were once going with their donkey to market. As they were walking along by his side a countryman passed them and said, “You fools, what is a Donkey for but to ride upon?” So the man put the boy on the donkey, and they …

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It was summer and she was dressed in bridal clothes

There was a room upstairs in the scorching heat of the year 2000. In the scorching heat of the day, she became a bride. Sweat-soaked bride, frightened by the arrival of politicians, was sitting in awe of the weather conditions. She used to pick up the blanket at night, but …

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Treat Joint & Bone Pain in Old People

Joint pain is a common concern for people as they age. Joints are the connection between the bones in your body, and they work to allow movement and flexibility. Joints are also cushioned with cartilage, which helps to prevent friction from rubbing against bone. As you age, however, the cartilage …

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Reversing Fatty Liver Disease: Protein Could Prevent Condition

London: Fatty liver disease is a major public health concern because it leads to serious and often fatal liver conditions, including cancer. Fatty liver, which is linked to obesity can lead to cirrhosis – where the liver shrinks and can lead to liver failure. The study, partly funded by the …

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Everything You Need to Know About Menopause

London: After centuries of women suffering in silence, it feels like everyone’s suddenly talking about menopause. Finally, the stigma of talking about symptoms such as hormonal rages and fluctuating sex drive is on the way out. Celebrities including Davina McCall, Lorraine Kelly, and Meg Mathews are queuing up to share …

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Depression is Linked to Inflammation in the Body, Study Reveals

Lahore: Inflammation which is the body’s natural process of fighting infection – may also be a key feature of depression, according to scientists. UK researchers have found those with depression have higher levels of a protein in their bodies associated with inflammation, compared to those without. This was even when …

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