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Why does the eye suddenly open again and again at night?

No business proprietor means to fizzle. Be that as it may, later the underlying gleam of independent work disappears, numerous proprietors accidentally limit their future chances and weight their own credit by carrying on with work and thinking little. Amazingly, numerous business proprietors ignore the chance to assemble monetary validity …

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Common Stomach and Abdominal Issues and How to Fix Them

Karachi: Stomach and abdominal issues are common and tend to resolve themselves after a short time. But chronic pain and discomfort could be a signal from your body that something is wrong. Pain, cramping, and bloating could be due to menstrual cycles, a bad diet, or could be a sign …

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Safed Baal: Here’s Why Your Hair Might Be Going Gray

London: Waking up one day and discovering grey hair when you haven’t even hit thirty is a nightmare for many. No need to panic though, here are 11 things experts suggest you need to know about going grey while you’re still young. Your body stops producing melanin: The reason your …

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Man in every situation

Allah used to bless a woman with male offspring every time but after a few months that child would die but that woman was patient every time and was satisfied with the wisdom of Allah. But the test of her patience became longer, and one by one the twenty children …

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One Haji Sahib was quite ill.

One Haji Sahib was quite ill. For many years, four bottles of water were taken out of the stomach every week Now his kidneys were washed out. At one time half a slice was their food. I had a hard time breathing The relief was such that one could not …

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Get Your Partner on Board with a Healthy Lifestyle Change

Tokyo: We’ve all seen those happy, fit couples: they chop salad ingredients together, post complicated yoga partner poses on Instagram, and are constantly comparing their daily step counts. My husband and I aren’t that extremes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, but in many ways, we are positively …

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Woman Health: Surprising Things that Affect Fertility

Lahore: We know it takes a healthy woman to make a healthy baby. But sometimes, it can be way tougher to conceive than you think. Turns out your fertility can be affected by surprising factors that are habitually incorporated into your day. Advertisement So, if you’re trying to get pregnant, …

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Canker Sores: Soothing Mouth Ulcer with Home Remedies

Luckily, mouth ulcers often heal by themselves within a couple of weeks. Still, there are some things that you can do to treat these and reduce pain and discomfort. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to warding off mouth ulcers. Firstly, have you been forcing your …

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